Wednesday 27 March 2024

Let's Return to Academia

So I graduated in 2021 and now it's 2024. Can time stop going so quickly, please! Now the last time I was properly posting on here I wrote about not getting funding for a PhD. I had spent the later months of 2021 applying for iGGi and a studentship at York University to research memory and video games. I worked hard alongside my prospective supervisor to prepare my proposal, but sadly couldn't secure funding. What have I done since then? I went to work in IT for a bit, but more importantly I managed to achieve a life goal! I lived in Japan for a year. I went to study Japanese language in Tokyo and got to travel all over the country, meeting lots of wonderful people, having interesting experiences and eating plenty of quality food. I'd have loved to have worked there long term, but it was proving difficult to acquire work that didn't involve teaching kids English and I had become burnt out by the classroom setting.