Sunday 6 November 2022

Is Elon Musk Buying Twitter Really the Worst Possible Thing?


Did you know that Elon Musk didn’t even make Tesla? He bought it! Also his dad owns an emerald mine, firmly putting the “self made man” concept to rest. Yes, Elon Musk is a tool. He’s a richy-rich who made money from the hard work and suffering of others, a capitalist through and through. Tesla’s are sort of cool, but are also shoddily made and their time at the top is limited, the moment legacy car companies make competitive and appealing EVs Tesla will fall hard. But is buying Twitter really the worst possible thing to ever happen in 2022? Not by a long shot.

Let's go back to 2011, Steve Jobs passes and the tech industry loses it’s messiah. Who is to step up to embody the modern era of technology, to be the 3rd coming of Jesus? Some decide it’s Elon Musk. I never understood what the appeal was. He was nothing compared to the two Steves. Jobs (alongside Woz) created Apple, a much bigger feat than making PayPal, buying companies and selling a flame thrower that one time. Job’s vision for the future, understanding of people and the usefulness of computers shaped the modern world in ways we’re not even done experiencing yet. Of course, the real respect goes to Steve Wozniack and the engineers who invented all this, but Jobs showed how important vision and psychology are when changing the future. Musk might like to think of himself as a master marketer (or even more absurd, an engineer), but his abilities fall extremely short of pretty much anyone else in the industry.

So yeah, I’ve been skeptical to the say least about Musk for a long time before he started doing stupid stuff publically (cough cough… the time he slandered an actual hero who helped saved those lads trapped in that cave just because his ego got shamed).

So, I agree he’s going to ruin Twitter? No. Actually, I think he might do a good job. See, Twitter is an absolute cess-pit. A website that brings the worst out of humanity. It’s popular because that’s where all the celebrities are and oh boy we need to try and talk to our favourite celebs and idols 24/7. Facebook has it’s problems, but a lot of those are typically isolated to family, school, and the local community. Twitter is a direct pipeline to the entire world, or so it seems. Twitter users take Twitter too seriously and these doom-sayer reactions to Musk’s takeover proves this. As much as it sucks for some Twitter employees that they’ve been sacked, it’s a bit much to act as if it's some unbelievably cruel thing. 

I’ve been to San Francisco, I've slept within feet of the TwitterHQ. Please, don’t feel too sorry for tech workers (mostly executives by the way) when there’s some of the most decrepit individuals in the entire USA suffering mere metres away from TwitterHQ, without money or hope for the future. I’m pretty sure former Twitter employees will find another job soon enough.

Twitter has been starved of innovation for a long time and Musk might be just the guy to force some chaos into the mix. Musk is an ideas man, the type of guy that loves to think his ideas are fresh and unique (but aren’t really all that original), but unlike your typical ideas man that tries to get an artist to design characters for his new board game idea in exchange for exposure, Musk has the capital to back it up. There’s been a ton of ideas people have wanted Twitter to do for its entire existence and for better or worse Twitter has refused or been too slow to implement these ideas. With Musk at the helm he’s much more likely to take these ideas, point at a team and say “get it done”. Maybe it’ll absolutely destroy Twitter, but what’s life without a bit of risk. What fun is there in making sense?

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