Thursday 14 April 2022

Got to Love Having Curry for Lunch


Curry is the best. Definitely one thing we’re lucky with in the UK, there’s no shortage of curry houses. My town alone has 17 that turn up on JustEat,
never-mind all the famous ones in Leeds and Bradford. But you see, the one issue with Indian takeaways and restaurants, they typically don’t open till after 5pm, they’re a tea-time affair. What if you want curry for lunch?

It was during the pandemic that I became acquainted with a Manchester concept, Rice and Three. This & That is one such place, down an alley near Shudehill interchange under some scaffolding you find an unassuming cafeteria where curry is served all day long. £6.50 you get 3 meat curries and rice, what an excellent price. You can save money by getting vegetable curries or spend more with their amazing naan and seekh kebabs. Now it’s part of my regular haunts when I visit Manchester. But I wondered, surely there’s places elsewhere that do affordable, quick and easy curry on a lunchtime.

After much searching I found in Leeds’ Kirkgate market, Manjit’s Kitchen (they have a store too). Here they sell thali plates, where you get two curries that change daily, rice, salad, chapati and the greatest onion bhajis ever for £8. One caveat, it’s vegetarian (vegan on request), no meat available here, this doesn’t stop the flavours from banging. One of the days I went they had put leftover onion bhajis in the curry and it was absolutely amazing.

Next up we have SilverSpice in Wakefield. Home cooked curries done by old ladies and they’re absolutely delicious. £6.50 you get curry, rice, salad and a can of pop. Definitely recommend getting in at 11am, as it gets busy from all the nearby offices coming for lunch.

Indian Lounge near Kings Cross station in London does takeaway biryani, with a choice of chicken, vegetable or egg for £3.50, or chicken curry and rice for £4. They also do a £7.95 set menu for sit down diners, with starter (chicken tikka, meat or veg samosa or onion bhaji) main (chicken, veg or fish as korma, medium curry or madras) with a choice of rice or naan and ice cream as dessert. Definitely a go-to after arriving in London. (will add a picture in a bit)

Recently I found out about a curry food truck that appears around the Royal Armouries in Leeds every Wednesday between 12 and 2pm, though I am yet to give it a go. I’ll be sure to report back.

What I love about these places that do curry for lunch, other than the amazing price, is they’re often geared towards home cooking and with amazing flavours and quality. There’s some real love attached and you can taste it. I hope to discover more, especially around Yorkshire, I know they must be out there! If you know of any, please let me know! To be honest it’s a shame more takeaways don’t open for an hour or two during lunch, I think they’d make a killing in the right location.


Update 1 (14/04/2022)

Kerala in Leeds. Always wondered about this place as it's up some spooky stairs. Was pleased to discover they're open from 12:30. Sadly the lunch offer I saw on their website is no longer a thing, so this ones a bit pricey compared to the rest on here
(£14 for thali), but is still delicious.

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